A Futuristic Scarecrow

This is the way to go if you want to scare the shit out of people… or crows.  It’s also important to into account the fact that it’s a screaming German scarecrow.

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Melting steel and a rock with a sun ray

Blows killing ants with a magnifying glass out of the water.  Best Youtube comment on it: “Lets weaponize it, world war 3 should be fought with deadly sunshine and rainbows of death.”  I agree.  Try to get past the guys overly enthusiastic facial expressions and its pretty cool.

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Amazing holographic images

It’s like 3D, man.

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Homemade Batmobile tumbler

This is the closest replica I’ve seen to date.  This guy built this in his garage with no car building experience, and it can go up to 150 mph??  Click for more specs and the link.



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See Earth live from any satellite

Try to find your house.

Earth from any satellite

Funny Google Autocompletes

The Google Machine letting us know how stupid a lot of us are.  Thanks.

Google Autocompletes

Nasa looking to settle other planets

Nasa is planning a one way trip that will take astronauts to Mars and leave them there.  This will be good practice to taking over the universe as well as getting rid of people.  On the list so far to go: Sarah Palin, Justin Bieber, and Heidi Montag, good luck out there.

One way trip to Mars