Melting steel and a rock with a sun ray

Blows killing ants with a magnifying glass out of the water.  Best Youtube comment on it: “Lets weaponize it, world war 3 should be fought with deadly sunshine and rainbows of death.”  I agree.  Try to get past the guys overly enthusiastic facial expressions and its pretty cool.

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The rubber hand illusion

This is more of a body illusion, it’s something I would rather experience myself rather than just watching on a video.  For the time being though, deal with it.

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A holy shit hailstorm

This would simply be lethal.

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Giant rare jellyfish

A 20ft long jellyfish, no thanks.

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See Earth live from any satellite

Try to find your house.

Earth from any satellite

“Time Traveler” spotted in 1920’s Chaplin film

Pretty odd, in the bonus footage of this Chaplin dvd there seems to be a woman walking with a cellphone.  Now my AT&T sucks as it is, so how this woman gets any service when their are no antennas or satellites around boggles my mind.  Skip to the 2:40ish mark if you’re impatient and don’t want to listen to the guy ramble.

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World’s only Immortal Creature

A Jellyfish called a Turritopsis Nutricula is the world’s only known creature that has the potential to be immortal.  If this animal is put in a sustained environment it is able to rejuvenate itself giving it the ability to live forever.  Unfortunately for it, it lives in the ocean where everything eats everything.

Immortal Jellyfish