World’s Fastest Office Chair Rider

This actually would take some balls.  Most people have eaten shit leaning back in an office chair, much less balancing on one going 60mph behind a car.

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See how many people have the same name as you

Want to see how many assholes stole your name.  Well here you go.

Name match up

Bubble Ring Bottle Cap Trick

Ya that’s cool that the bottle cap does that, but how the hell does he blow such perfect bubble rings?

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Easy To Do Magic Tricks

Here are some how-to videos of some magic tricks you can easily learn.

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Facebook and Twitter now have Adidas shoes for sale

Warning: there is nothing cool about this at all. In fact it is maybe the least cool thing I could have posted.  Whoever buys these should learn yoga and stretch daily so they can kick themselves in the face.  But anyways these do in fact exist and they suck.  Click for more details and photos.

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People are Awesome

At doing crazy shit.

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Plane landing on a small dirt strip

Hopefully he has enough fuel, otherwise he’s going to have to climb that mountain, get stuck in a rock, and chop his own arm off with a dull butter knife.

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