Top 5 Most Powerful Drug Lords of All Time

This list of real drug lords that have been killed, arrested, or are still at large today.  It  is based on the influence they had during that time, wealth, how dangerous they were, and who was the most badass.

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Richest Athlete in History.. and it’s not Tiger

Tiger Woods might be today’s first sports billionaire, but he was surpassed far before his time in 146 A.D.  The ancient star: Diocles.

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Facebook and Twitter now have Adidas shoes for sale

Warning: there is nothing cool about this at all. In fact it is maybe the least cool thing I could have posted.  Whoever buys these should learn yoga and stretch daily so they can kick themselves in the face.  But anyways these do in fact exist and they suck.  Click for more details and photos.

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The world’s most expensive home

Mukesh Ambani built a billion dollar skyscraper of a house in the middle of Mumbai.  It has more square feet than the palace of Versailles with everyday amenities such as a 160 car garage, health club and 600 people taking care of it.  Now all the people from the slums can stare up at his house that looks like a lego building built by a giant 5 year old and think about how much their life sucks compared to his.

Billion Dollar Home

Some of the largest robberies of all time

Always fun to live vicariously through criminals.

Largest Robberies

World’s Richest Druglord

Standing in at 5 foot 6 inches is Joaquin Guzman nicknamed “El Chapo” (Shorty).  This man runs the Sinaloa Cartel which is one of the huge contributors to the problem in Mexico.  The only druglord on the Forbes list is estimated at a value of over a billion dollars, and has yet to be caught.  There’s a 5 million dollar reward for him so keep an eye out.

World’s Richest Druglord