A Futuristic Scarecrow

This is the way to go if you want to scare the shit out of people… or crows.  It’s also important to into account the fact that it’s a screaming German scarecrow.

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Uncle Matin’s Sword Trick

A funny short.

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The Dancing Merengue Dog

Oh he’s good.

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World’s Fastest Office Chair Rider

This actually would take some balls.  Most people have eaten shit leaning back in an office chair, much less balancing on one going 60mph behind a car.

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Top 5 Most Powerful Drug Lords of All Time

This list of real drug lords that have been killed, arrested, or are still at large today.  It  is based on the influence they had during that time, wealth, how dangerous they were, and who was the most badass.

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See how many people have the same name as you

Want to see how many assholes stole your name.  Well here you go.

Name match up

Bubble Ring Bottle Cap Trick

Ya that’s cool that the bottle cap does that, but how the hell does he blow such perfect bubble rings?

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