Top 5 Most Powerful Drug Lords of All Time

This list of real drug lords that have been killed, arrested, or are still at large today.  It  is based on the influence they had during that time, wealth, how dangerous they were, and who was the most badass.

5. Khun Sa “Opium King”

Khun Sa started as a Burmese Warlord after creating an army of about 800 men after the Chinese Civil War.  He then began producing Opium in the Golden Triangle region which included Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar.  Not only was the the leader of the Shan United Army and the Mong Tai Army, but he was the biggest heroin producer in the Golden Triangle Region.  The Gold Triangle region was said to be responsible for 80% of the Heroin on the streets of New York from 1970-1990 and was 90% pure, majority being controlled by Khun Sa.  He eventually was charged for shipping 1000 tons of heroin, but never served time and died of natural causes at age 73 in 2007.

4. Amado Carrillo Fuentes “Lord of the Skies”

Amado Fuentes was born in 1956 and was the leader of the Juarez Cartel in Mexico, which was the deadliest and most powerful in Mexico at the time.  He was called the “Lord of the Skies” due to the fact that he would smuggle cocaine using his fleet of 27 private Boeing 747 airplanes.  He would smuggle cocaine all over the world using these planes and which gained him more and more power at the same time.  Eventually when he was on the run he died trying to alter his face using plastic surgery.

3. Griselda Blanco “The Godmother” or “The Black Widow”

She was known as “The Black Widow” for a reason.  Griselda Blanco was not only most likely the most powerful criminal woman that has ever lived but the deadliest as well.  She is said to be responsible for over 200 deaths in Miami alone, and committed her first murder when she was only 11 years old in Colombia after shooting a young wealthy boy in the head.  She had all three of her husbands killed and ran one of he most successful cocaine trades in U.S. history.  She ran the Miami Cocaine trade in the 1970’s and 1980’s and spread it throughout the U.S. which is said to have made her 80 million dollars a month.  She was eventually arrested and spent ten years in jail in the U.S.  She got off being charged with three of the over 200 murders and was sent back to Colombia where now her whereabouts are unknown, causing much controversy.

2. Joaquin Guzman “El Chapo”

“El Chapo” meaning shorty since he is only 5’6″, is the current leader of the Sinaloa Cartel.  He is currently Mexico’s most powerful drug lord since his rival was arrested in 2003.  He was the first to break a pact made by the powerful drug cartels in Mexico which has lead to more than 28,000 deaths since 2006.  He is the only drug lord that is on Forbes and is ranked the 937th wealthiest man in the world as well as the 60th most powerful.  It is safe to say he is the most powerful active drug dealer in the world at this time.

1. Pablo Escobar “El Patron”

Pablo Escobar is most likely the most famous drug lord to have ever lived.  He was a Colombian Cocaine king, had his own army, was ranked the 7th richest man in the world by Forbes in 1989 with a 9 billion dollar fortune, and ran the Medellin Cartel.  He had lots of influence in the Colombian government he was elected as a deputy representative to Colombia’s Congress.  He was said to be responsible for 80% of the global cocaine trade.

-Most info provided by Wikipedia


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